Thursday, 20 October 2016

Summer, fall, winter or spring: go cocoa!


Hot chocolate often evokes images of cold winter nights, snuggled up by the fire with a mug in hand. It’s the go-to beverage for kids fresh in from making snowmen and adults who want to add a little splash of brandy while baking holiday cookies. Well, we’ve got news. Cocoa is no longer a drink to be confined to the colder seasons. You can enjoy it any time of year, hot, cold, frozen, or over ice.

In fact, cafes and coffee houses are capitalizing on this decadent beverage–serving cocoa with swirls of whipped cream on it around the world. Where once they were seen as luxury beverages, they’re now seen as that quick, liquid fix for something sweet with just enough caffeine from the cocoa bean to keep you going.

Cocoa’s popularity has grown so large that across the Atlantic, it has surpassed both tea and coffee as the number one hot drink in England. Is it going that way in the U.S.? Trend reports are showing a slower increase here, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be on your menu. Customers look to cocoa the same way they do coffee and tea. That is, it’s a beverage meant to be indulged in daily, hot or cold. Plus with new flavors being offered every month, customers remain curious enough to keep exploring the trend.

In fact, varieties running from white chocolate to low carb cocoa are staples to have on any good cocoa menu. Plus, if you’re in a Millennial-saturated market, you might want to consider the Vivaz Mexican Spiced Cocoa, which gives every sip a lively kick that keeps a drink interesting. Committing to cocoa as a coffee house is more than just adding the traditional hot cup to your beverage selections, it’s making sure you can prepare a drink no matter what season we’re in.

We’re excited about this. Why? Because who doesn’t love chocolate? With a solid variety, customers can find new favorite flavors to order on the go. Plus, while it’s another item on the menu, gourmet cocoa doesn’t take up much space on the shelf. It’s easy to make, easy to indulge in, and even easier to bring in a profit with.