Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What Is A Frappe? (And How To Make One)

what is a frappe how to make a frappe black cherry

Our decadent black cherry frappe.

With the surge of coffee shops in the past few years, Frappes have become more of a widely discussed beverage. But what is a frappe really, you may ask? Well Frappe, from the French frapper (meaning to strike or hit), is used in English to refer to various uses of crushed ice. This is mostly used in reference to milkshakes or a foam covered coffee.  In the United States though, we have become a bit more lenient in the usage of the this word. So, essentially, a cold Frappe is any kind of blended drink. That’s why, here at Big Train, we refer to our Blended Ice Coffees and Blended Creme powdered mixes as Frappes! With over 20 Blended Ice Coffee Products and 25 Blended Cremes, Big Train offers over 45 Frappe drink mixes.

So now that you have a more finely tuned understanding of the drink, let’s discuss how to make a Frappe! As with all of our drinks, Big Train’s Frappes are extremely simple and quick to make. The hardest part is deciding which of our scrumptious flavors to use! Here’s what you do:

what is a frappe how to make a frappe mocha

Big Train's Mocha Frappe: Made in 2 minutes or less!

  • Add 12 fl oz of ice into your blender.
  • Next add 5 fl oz of water, milk or chilled coffee (depending on the flavor being used and your preference)
  • Add Big Train’s Blended Ice Coffee or Blended Creme powdered mix
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy! (Optional: whipped creme)

Now whenever  you need a Frappe fix, you can make it at home! If you’re a blended drink business who currently sells Frappes or is in the market to, let us supply you with all of your needs. With a premium quality and taste that’s so easy to make, it’s almost too good to be true! What’s your favorite Frappe?

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