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Proteinoffee, Coffee Creamer Alternative.

Proteinoffee, Coffee Creamer Alternative with Big Train's Fit Frappe

Did you ever think the extra calories in your diet might be inside your morning cup of coffee? Every morning when you add creamer you may be adding unnecessary calories to your diet. Drink three cups of coffee a day with two to three tablespoons of creamer in each and it might take you an additional hour in the gym to work off your coffee alone.

How much creamer do you put in your coffee? Those yummy decadent liquid dairy creamers that come in amazing flavors have become a staple at most grocery stores.  Looking at the nutritional label of a popular brand of Vanilla Caramel creamer, the creamer has 35 calories, 2g fat, and 5g carbs in a single serving based on one tablespoon. Does anyone use just one tablespoon? I used to really pour that creamer in my coffee. Most likely I had a quarter cup of creamer which means I added 140 calories, 8g fat and 20g carbs to one cup of coffee. And on those days I enjoyed refills I would double my intake. Wow, what an eye opener. Some Non-dairy creamers display one teaspoon serving size  for a 6 oz. cup of coffee. Most people now drink as much as four times that amount of coffee. That means up to four times as much creamer and, really, do you measure at all?

It’s not just the calories that cause concern for those seeking healthier options. Some creamers contain saturated fat or trans-fats so many unsuspecting creamer consumers are adding lots of calories and various types of undesirable fat to their diets.

Coffee Creamer Alternative

Fit Frappe Protein Mix + Coffee

The solution? Try using Big Train Fit Frappé® Vanilla or Chocolate as creamer replacements.  These drink mixes do double duty. They can be used as a delicious stand-alone coffee replacements or you can use the mix as a creamer replacement. Most likely you would use a fourth to a half a packet, or one full scoop, as an addition to your coffee. If you add 4 tablespoons of Fit Frappé gourmet protein mix you are only adding 65 calories, only 0.5g sugar, but you’re gaining 10g protein and 19 vitamins and minerals. If you need an extra punch, add Fit Frappé Mocha, Vanilla Latte or Espresso flavors to your coffee for an additional caffeine boost.

Not only are you saving on calories by using the Fit Frappé as creamer, you are also adding additional fiber, vitamins and minerals and that powerhouse of protein mentioned above, to your coffee.



Jackie Silver, founder and president of and Author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young, says, “Starting your day with ‘proteinoffee’ as I call it, will keep your body going much longer than your average cup of coffee.

Proteinoffee = Protein + Coffee

Jackie Silver of

Protein is essential for healthy nails, hair, skin and muscles. Not only that, but according to, ‘Protein is more satisfying than carbohydrates or fats and thus may be the new secret weapon in weight control.’ Since I’m not always hungry for breakfast, I make sure to start the day right by including Fit Frappé protein powder in my coffee – a win-win,” Jackie explains.

Protein plus coffee? How can that taste good together? Fit Frappé is the latest drink creation from Big Train. For over 20 years Big Train has built a brand recognized for amazingly delicious drink mixes that are easy to make. After several months of research and development, Big Train Launched Fit Frappé to the world in 2011. Earlier this year Big Train won one of 3 Best New Product Awards at the Coffee Fest trade show in Seattle. Fit Frappé comes in 5 flavors: 3 coffee-included flavors – Mocha, Vanilla Latte, and Espresso, and 2 coffee-free flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. These two flavors are ideal as coffee creamer alternatives or bases to other beverages and smoothies.

If you’re looking for a better-for-you coffee creamer substitute and would like more information on Fit Frappé gourmet protein coffee mixes, go to or You can also see what is being said about Fit Frappé on twitter by searching for #fitfrappe or by reviewing Big Train’s posts on Facebook. Enjoy your proteinoffee, your coffee creamer alternative.

By Jim Wendt, Big Train Marketing Team


Enjoying Fit Frappe - Proteinoffee