Thursday, 14 July 2011

Big Train Taro Boba Drink Recipe: Make Your Own Bobas!

make your own taro bobas lollicup

You can buy Big Train products and other tapioca boba flavors from Lollicup!

Bobas are currently all the rage, and from the small mom and pop shops to the local Lollicup, they’re here to stay. Boba, Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea; the drink may have many names but it always has the same great taste.  Now, with the use of Big Train’s Taro flavored powdered blended creme mix (from our Dragonfly line) you can make a delicious version of boba from the comfort of your own home.

Taro is a staple of Asian cultures. Its taste can be described as a cross between vanilla nut and sweet buttery kettle corn. If you love boba drinks, wait until you try a Taro Milk Tea boba drink!

Here’s all you need to get started:

make your own taro bobas big train dragonfly

Big Train’s Dragonfly Taro Flavor Powdered Mix

  • Boba Tapioca Pearls (which can be purchased at grocery stores or Asian markets)
  • 12 oz of ice
  • 5 oz of milk
  • Big Train’s Dragonfly Taro Powdered Blended Creme Mix
  • A blender to mix it all together
  • Your favorite cup
  • A large straw that can suck up the tapioca boba pearls!

As with any Big Train beverage, it’s simple and quick to make. The hardest part of the process is boiling the tapioca for 5 minutes.  But never fear, because we have all the confidence in the world in you! Here’s a short video from Pink Mac Princess demonstrating how easy it really is to make this exotic drink:

There you have it! So next time you crave delicious Bobas at home or you’re thinking about selling them at your store, try a Taro flavored Boba beverage!  Got an interesting boba recipe using Big Train mixes? Please share.

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