Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Quiet One: Silencing The Competition

Vitamix and Big Train: Two Peas in a Pod

Vitamix and Big Train®: Two Peas in a Pod

Due to the nature of how Big Train’s drinks are made, it’s easy to recognize the true soul mate of our delicious blended iced coffees, smoothies and crèmes: Blenders.

According to, a blender is

“An electric culinary grinding and mixing appliance, consisting of a container with propeller like blades at the bottom that are whirled by a high-speed motor to purée, chop, or mix foods.”

In a nutshell, that’s what a blender is and that’s what one does.  However, not all blenders are created equal. We’ve all had or used blenders that are so outdated or cheap that they’re incapable of blending everything, take too long, or are so loud that using them becomes an excruciating chore.

That’s why, since 1937, Vitamix has been making some of the most trusted and high quality blenders out there.  But while that may have been the year they created the first blender, it wasn’t until 1949 that Vitamix found its name and put themselves on the map with one of the first television infomercials ever to be put on air.  Afterwards they continued to showcase their new and improved blenders including the “Kitchen Center”, “Vitamix 3600” and later the “Vitamix 4000”.  In keeping with the tradition of always having the most advanced product of its kind, Vitamix released “The Quiet One” in May of 2010.  As can be assumed by its name, it’s easily the quietest blender on the market. Here are just a few of this remarkable machine’s features:

  • Operating at an amazing 18 decibels below its closest competitor, The Quiet One would be perceived as being four times quieter.
  • Six program buttons with 34 optimized programs to choose from provide operator ease of use and consistent beverage preparation every time. Create custom blending programs for signature drinks, smoothies and blended coffee drinks.
  • A magnetically secured back cover means it’s easy to clean and there are no screws or pieces to take apart, significantly reducing cleaning time.
  • The container’s unique design and built-in dripless spout improves pourability, resulting in time and cost savings and improved customer experience. The container’s double-sealed bearing also provides improved wash-ability, extending life of the blade assembly.
  • A high quality ≈ 3 peak output horsepower motor and exceptional smoothie blade design yields efficient, consistent, quality blends of even the most challenging ingredients.

Katie and Jocey from Coffee Tree Roasters in Pittsburgh, PA shared with us what they like best about the Quiet One Blender:

Vitamix The Quiet One at Coffee Tree Roasters

Vitamix The Quiet One at Coffee Tree Roasters


  • It’s nice to converse with customers while making smoothies. This is something that is difficult, if not impossible to do with other blenders we have used.
  • It’s very easy to clean
  • The Vitamixes are faster than other blenders”

Anthony Ciepiel, Vitamix’s Vice President of Marketing, noted that “By focusing on designing blenders for the most demanding users and the most demanding applications, we create blenders that last longer and need fewer repairs.”  This rings true for many store owners who rely on the silent power of The Quiet One to keep their customers happy.

Brent Kennedy, owner and Operator of the Looney Bean Cafe,  bought one of the blenders at a convention last year.   When asked about his experience with the Quiet One, he said “We really like it…We will buy them again.  In fact, we are in the market for 2 now!” Maybe that’s why Vitamix’s revolutionary new machine was awarded the 2011 Kitchen Innovation (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association.  Whatever the reason(s), it’s safe to say that it was well deserved.

Whether you’re a busy restaurant owner trying to create the perfect feel and taste for your café or a regular Joe who enjoys finely blended beverages, could Vitamix and Big Train® be your perfect match? Why buy your Vitamix blenders from Big Train? Besides the fact that we love our customers, you get 2 pitchers and 3 FREE cases of Big Train product. What’s your favorite blender?

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