Sunday, 21 August 2011

Southern Velvet™ Frappe Mix from Big Train is Like Heaven in a Cup.

Southern Velvet™ Frappe just sounds amazing doesn’t it? Wait till you taste Big Train’s latest creation: Southern Velvet Blended Creme Frappe mix powder. Big Train’s delicious gourmet frappe drink mix yet again delivers an easy-to-make great tasting beverage that just requires water.

Red Cake Frappe Mix

Red Cake Frappe Mix by Big Train

First some red velvet cake trivia. The more ya know…

  • In WWII, bakers used boiled beets to enhance the color of their cakes.
  • Some say Lady Eaton from Eatons Dept Store (the prelude to Toronto’s famed Eaton Centre) in Canada invented Red Velvet Cake in the 1940s and 1950’s
  • The 1989 Film “Steel Magnolias” had Red groom’s Cake in the shape of an Armadillo which is credited by some as leading the resurgence of red chocolate cakes.
Armadillo Red Cake in Steel Magnolias

Red Velvet Cake in “Steel Magnolias”

And so it seems red gourmet cakes are picking up steam and popping up in new exciting places. Have you tried the Cheescake Factory’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake? aaaaa-mazing!

So coffeehouses, specialty retailers, and home baristas everywhere, offer your customers, foodies, and guests a decadent Big Train Southern Velvet blended creme frappe. Try it iced, blended, or hot! (yup this can be served as a hot tasty beverage too!). The chocolaty cake goodness of Big Train’s decadent Red chocolate cake gourmet beverage with hints of cream cheese, delights the senses and delivers an impressive indulgence to a great menu.

For Southern Velvet topping ideas, try mixing one part whipped cream cheese and one part whipped cream.

Use a pastry bag for Southern Velvet Frappe Toppings

Southern Velvet™ Frappe Topping: Try whipped cream cheese mixed with whipped cream

If you are a retailer or coffeeshop or foodservice business, contact us anytime at 800 BIG TRAIN, that’s 800-244-8724 and request free samples. Or go to

Got recipes ideas for Big Train Southern Velvet Frappes? Let us know!