Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hot Protein Drinks: Serving Fit Frappe Hot

Fit Frappé Hot ProteinHot protein drinks are not a figment of your imagination. Fit Frappe, Big Train’s line of outrageously delicious protein drinks mixes launched in late 2011. With over 20 years experience making versatile gourmet drink mixes, we wanted to make sure that our new protein products could also be served hot while minimizing clumping. Keep reading for some Fit Frappe customer love, the best way to make a skinny latte and the science behind hot protein drinks.


As the name implies Fit Frappe can certainly be made blended with ice or shaken over ice. Alas it can be served hot too! Simply add your hot water (but not boiling hot) to your mug of choice and stir in your powdered Fit Frappe protein drink mix. (See packaging or website for mixing instructions). Coffee lovers will enjoy the espresso, vanilla latte and mocha flavors. And if you have a special coffee or espresso, try adding Fit Frappe vanilla or chocolate to craft your own custom hot protein enriched coffee drinks (this author adds Vanilla Fit Frappe to a hot cup of coffee as a new routine replacing popular dairy creamers that are high in sugar and fat).

We recently received an email from a CrossFit enthusiast who stated:

I love FitFrappe as it has solved the needs for my morning Crossfit workouts. Before, I’d wake up at 4am and have a protein drink and pre-workout caffeine supplement.  Now, just a nice hot cup of FitFrappe.”
Steve N. Rogers, AR


To make the ultimate skinny latte, get one of those milk frothers (small battery operated blenders). Once you pour in the mix, froth away and enjoy! See the video below for a demonstration:


So, does serving Fit Frappé hot impact protein effectiveness?

Proteins are chains of large molecules made up of amino acids in different sequences. Denaturation of protein through such methods like heat, acid, or physical agitation is breaking the bonds between the amino acids. It is the amino acids that provide the nutritional benefits. Breaking the bonds can actually be beneficial because the body can access/use the amino acids much quicker than having the stomach acids digest or denature the protein.

For example, after a workout, some consume protein to build back the lean muscle mass lost during the workout. Consuming proteins that have been denatured is beneficial because the body will use/absorb the amino acids quicker.


So you can have your hot cafe drinks and protein too. Learn more about Big Train’s Fit Frappe gourmet protein drink mix line. Have a question or comment regarding Big Train? Have a protein drink recipe you’d like to share? Email us at