Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fro Yo vs. Wow Cow | Why You’ll Love Big Train’s Powdered Soft Serve Mix over Frozen Yogurt

fro yo vs wow cow

Wow cow – Delicious and Nutricious!

Frozen yogurt, aka Fro Yo, is currently all the rage as the healthier alternative to ice cream, but it’s not the only contender. Although Big Train’s Wow Cow Soft Serve may not technically be considered frozen yogurt, it still has the same great taste, smooth and creamy consistency, with drastically less fat.  Here’s why Wow Cow soft serve would make a remarkable addition to your yogurt shop, ice cream store, or café:

1.  Three of our softserve lines, Wow Cow, Wow Cow with No Added Sugar, and Wow Cow Creamy Tart, are fat free, have no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils and are gluten free. But for all the carb counters out there, we have the perfect product: our very popular Skinny Minnie! While Big Train® Skinny Minnie also has no trans fat, hydrogenated oils or gluten, it also has only 5 net carbs per 4 fl oz serving! It’s the ideal treat after the gym because it’s tasty and guilt-free! And just like our mainstream products that have a great reputation for excellent flavor, Wow Cow does not disappoint.

2.  Not only does Wow Cow have 4 different lines of soft serve base mixes, but each one has over FIFTY flavor options! Check them out:

fro yo frozen yogurt wow cow

So many flavors!!!

3.  It’s a powder! Because it’s not yogurt it doesn’t need to be refrigerated so Big Train® Wow Cow doesn’t take up space in your freezer, it’s cheaper to ship and it has a longer shelf life, saving you money! All you need is a soft serve machine at your restaurant. To do so, Big Train® recommends Taylor and Electro Freeze Soft Serve equipment for making the highest quality desserts for your customers.

fro yo frozen yogurt wow cow

4. Flavors galore: Neutral powder softserve bases can be mixed with the any of the flavor syrups to create a wide variety of flavors.  That means you’ll carry less inventory than with pre-flavored frozen yogurt products and have more flavor options that last longer!

fro yo wow cow dog treat

The perfect treat for your puppy pal!

5.  Your pets will love it too! Mary Thompson of the Animal Friends Pet Hotel in Garden Grove, CA is always sure to serve her canine guests some Wow Cow soft serve.  They can’t get enough, although you may want to steer clear of the chocolate bases!

6. Big Train® Wow Cow is Kosher! L’chaim!!

If you decide to sell Wow Cow in your store, you’ll be given tons of promotional items like posters, sell sheets and flavor strips to educate and entice your clientele. So start off your summer with the ideal froyo alternative, and let Big Train® Wow Cow’s soft serve powdered mixes have your customers begging for more. What is your favorite soft serve flavor?

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