Friday, 30 August 2013

College Packing List: What to Bring to the Dorm

College Packing List

So you’re looking for an awesome college packing list huh? Well, we’ve got a checklist of 20 items you’ll want to bring to the dorm this school year! We have entertainment, organization, health-related, practical and even (gulp) cleaning items. Without further ado…Big Train presents the college packing list that will really help you rock your school year!

1) Internet-Powered Television

Paying for cable TV can get expensive and gathering money from roomies can be a hassle. Cut the cord and go for something like a Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast by Google. All you need is an Internet connection and subscriptions to a few streaming services and you’re good to go!

streaming tv for college packing list

2) Alarm

Almost every single mobile phone in the past decade includes an alarm clock (and there are even apps that require you to walk at least 30 paces before they shut off), but sometimes it’s good to have a good ol’ reliable alarm clock in the dorm to make sure you don’t miss those early-morning finals!

alarm clock for college packing list

3) Compact Cooking Appliance

Toasters and toaster ovens are alright but get yourself a 3-in-1 Breakfast Station and master the delicate art of breakfast. Your friends will stare in awe as you toast, griddle and serve up the dark roast – with ONE appliance.

compact cooking for college packing list

4) Blenders (blender and milk frother)

Roomies and neighbors may not appreciate the noise of a blender but they’ll sure love the awesome culinary concoctions you’ll delight them with (see #6). Milk frothers work great for mixing chai right in your mug.

blender milk frother for college packing list

5) Sleep Mask (Bonus: Scented)

Blocking any and all excess light is especially awesome for those mornings when you don’t have class until 10:00 am, but you also never know when you’re cobbled-together blinds (read: blanket held up by tacks) decide to come tumbling down just in time to let all that early morning sunshine come spewing in.

sleep mask for college packing list

6) Just-Add-Water Drink Mixes

There will be times when food/drinks will be hard to come by, but hopefully you’ll still have access to fresh water. If so, that’s all you need in order to make these delicious drinks:

  • 6.1) Chai: easy to make and delicious, chai soothes your soul during stressful exam time
  • 6.2) Frappes: make your dorm mates BFFs and give them a delicious Blended Ice Coffee. Just add Big train Blended Ice Coffee mix, ice and water into a blender. Great for those late night study sessions!
  • 6.3) Fit Frappe: In a rush on way to school? Need a healthier alternative to high-calorie expensive lattes? Try Fit Frappe, delicious easy-to-make protein latte mixes – the “Healthy Buzz”.

big train chai blended ice coffee for college packing list

7. Ear Plugs

A college packing list wouldn’t be complete without ear plugs, because there’s nothing worse than trying to study or fall asleep but being bothered by noisy roommates or neighbors! For best results get earplugs with a Noise Reduction Rating of 33!

ear plugs for college packing list

8. Solar Charger for Smartphone

Face it: you’re probably incredibly reliant on your smartphone for everything from email, calendar and waking up in the morning. Make sure you’re never left without power by investing in a solar charger. The power may go out, you might lose your wall charger but (hopefully) the sun will still be around!

solar charger for college packing list

9. Headphones

Ear plugs are great for helping you sleep through noise but when you’re awake they might not cut it. Make sure to bring a couple of options for headphones. Headphones with noise reduction work best, but earphones can also do a great job of keeping unwanted distractions at bay.

headphones for college packing list

10. Old-Fashioned Note Cards

Emails are great but if we’re being totally honest with ourselves we can admit that it’s a little impersonal. Send family and friends a personal note once in a while.

note cards for college packing list

11. Drink Cups: Tumblers and Protein Shakers

Whose glass is that…is that mine or yours? Never make that mistake again when you bring your sweet collection of tumblers (for Blended Ice Coffees and blended Fit Frappe) and protein shakers (for shaken Fit Frappe drinks).

big train tumbler protein shaker for college packing list

12. A Mini-Fridge

You may think this is a luxury but it’s almost a necessity when living in tight quarters. Excellent for leftovers, condiments, veggies and if you get the right model you can even get a freezer compartment with an ice cube tray (and you’re going to need ice cubes)!

mini fridge for college packing list

13. Whiteboard/Blackboard Easel

You probably wouldn’t expect to see a blackboard on a college packing list, but if you can find one of these awesome combo canvases you’ve got an instant double-sided writing space for to-dos, reminders, notes or late-night Hangman tournaments!

whiteboard blackboard easel for college packing list

14. Compact Dustpan/Brush

At least twice a week someone is going to spill something that requires a broom. Why fuss with a full-size sweeper when you can get a portable dustpan/brush that tucks away on the back of a closet door?

compact dustpan for college packing list

15. Baby Wipes

You may be laughing but baby wipes will save you time and time again. Spills, sticky hands/face, cleaning whiteboards and quick & dirty dusting! Start using them and you will come to rely on them.

baby wipes for college packing list

16. An Awesome Plunger

Don’t buy this item at the dollar store! You want to make sure you’ve got a high-quality plunger because the last thing you want to skimp on is the tool that you need when your toilet is about to overflow or won’t flush at all. Seriously.

awesome plunger for college packing list

17. Power Bars (Get Creative)

There are some amazing innovations out there for electrical expansion. Ditch the standard rectangular ones and get something more flexible that lets you actually use all the extra outlets you’re supposedly getting and also maximize your living space.

creative power bar for college packing list

18. Batteries and Stamps

These may not seem like they should go together but having an abundance of each of these essentially makes you a superhero! Don’t forget to buy some AAA batteries, for things like remotes, wireless headphones, mice and milk frothers. And stamps, well nobody else is going to have them so you’ll make lots of friends.

batteries and stamps for college packing list

19.Closet Organizers

No, we don’t mean for you to hire someone to organize your closet (as tempting as that may be). You’ll probably have limited closet space so you want to make sure to optimize it. There are many options out there, like hanging closet storage and hookless hangers.

closet organizer for college packing list

20. Bedside Fan

Even if your college is located somewhere cold, you can bet that your dorm room will at some point be unreasonably warm. When that happens, you’ll be thankful for the sleepy time breeze. Fans also provide some great white noise for those inevitable loud nights. Don’t forget this on your dorm check list.

bedside fan for college packing list
There you have it! A college packing list that goes beyond just the basics. Now you know what to bring to school. To learn more about Big Train’s dorm room friendly, gourmet, easy-to-make just-add-water drink mixes, go to