Monday, 27 June 2011

Big Train Reviews – Pensacola, Florida – Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Emporium

Big Train Mocha Frappe Drinker Jessica

Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Emporium customer, Jessica, enjoying a Big Train Mocha Frappe

Big Train Reviews:
What do customers think about Big Train?  We recently interviewed Big Train customer and small business owner Patsy Lato about her experiences with our company and products. Patsy, of Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Emporium, first contacted us through an email, with nothing but lovely things to say:

“I am a very small tea & coffee shop located in Pensacola, FL, open only 6 months, still getting my sea legs so to speak, with the Big Train frozen/iced products. They are selling like mad, with this 105 degree heat. I recently suddenly ran short of Vanilla Blended Iced Coffee mix, called and received it the NEXT DAY, free shipping. In all my dealings since starting my company nearly 5 years ago, I have yet to see customer service of this high caliber. I pray it continues as such. Thanks for being such a huge help to a small shop owner (I am only one person, so delays and setbacks are most unwelcome by me!). “

We were thrilled to read such a sincere and positive email, so we emailed her back to ask a few more questions! Here’s what Patsy had to say:

What do you like about owning your own coffee & tea shop?

I love the customers and friends I make, and how no two days are the same. Due to its compact size the shop is very intimate with close quarters seating  that encourages conversation between tables. Lots of friendships are made here, and lots of interesting stories are told.

How does Big Train fit into how you like to run your business?

Big Train makes my job easy with the drink mixes and concentrates, and has brought in a whole new segment of the population looking for something other than coffee or tea. Many folks come in and say they heard I make a heck of a good smoothie.

So you started your company 5 years ago but have only had the store open 6 months? Did you have another location before?

We have been operating a coffee roasting factory and selling mostly wholesale and through our web store for over 4 years. We recently decided we needed a retail presence, so we crossed the Alabama border into Florida and opened our store in Pensacola where there is much heavier traffic than in the small town of Brewton where our factory is located. And Pensacola has beautiful beaches! 🙂



Big Train Review - Pensacola FL - Wilksinsons Tea & Coffee Emporium

Big Train served at Wilksinson’s Tea & Coffee Emporium Pensacola FL

What are your personal favorite Big Train drinks and what do the customers seem to like?

I combine the Mango and Strawberry flavored smoothie drinks and it has become a customer favorite as well. I also love the Mocha Frappe. They are so rich and comforting on these horribly humid days we’ve been having.

What are your impressions on the newly instated On-Track-Rewards program?

I love the On-Track-Rewards program, just filled out the form and became eligible for the free case of product. The hardest part is going to be deciding which product I want next. In this day and age of unsatisfactory customer service, this is a refreshing option to be rewarded for being a loyal customer.


Big Train can’t thank Patsy enough for her support and kind words about us, we’re just happy we can make life a little easier for our customers! If you’re ever in the Florida area, stop by and say hi to Patsy at:

Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Emporium
6601 N Davis Hwy #49
Pensacola, FL 32504
FAX 866-849-5290

You can “like” them on Facebook at  We wish them nothing but luck with their growing business and look forward to being a part of it! If you’re a Big Train customer and you have some pictures and stories you’d like to share, please let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

Have any questions about Big Train? Visit our website or call us toll free at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724).