Monday, 18 July 2011

Need Drinks For Fundraising?? Let Big Train Supply Your Fundraiser Beverages!

drinks for fundraising fundraiser beverages big train

We have hundreds of different flavors and drinks to choose from!

Thinking of throwing a fundraiser or charity event? Are you a church or do you have legal documentation proving the legitimacy of your non-profit organization?Well stop right there! Big Train will help fulfill your fundraiser needs in the easiest and tastiest fashion.

Why you should use Big Train:

  • Right now, if you buy from Big Train for the first time and buy one case of product, you get a second one FREE! On top of that, if you sign up for our OnTrack™ Rewards program after the fact, you get a SECOND FREE CASE of product (your choice) with no shipping!
  • Our powdered beverage mixes come in easy to use packaging including individual packaging or larger tins or bags containing measuring devices to scoop out for individual drinks at your convenience!
  • All of our professional high quality delicious products are quick and easy to make! The three things you’ll need to make ANY of our drinks is water (or milk substitutes), ice and a blender (for our warm beverages all you need is hot water!)
  • You’ll raise lots of money! Especially with the current deal of getting 3 cases of product for the price of 1, the already great profit margin has just increased by 200%!

Churches, for example, will buy our bulk mixes and charge for drinks.  If a chai beverage costs $0.85 to make and you charge $3.00, then your profit margin is $2.15 or 72%. That’s a lot money being earned for your organization!

drinks for fundraising fundraiser beverages big train

Big Train’s products are delicious at any temperature!

Create the perfect fundraiser setting with the perfect fundraising beverages!  Blended Ice Coffees, Frappes or Smoothies would be ideal for a gathering on a hot summer day, while our rich chais and hot chocolates would be sure to warm up guests on cool winter evening. Get together all your supporters and other locals in the community to offer them the tastiest gourmet beverages and great company, and it’s all for a great cause! Need posters or table tents to help promote your fundraiser? Just ask! Tell us about how you use beverages for fundraising.

Have any questions about Big Train? Visit our website or call us toll free at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724).