Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mad Hungry Woman Unveils Her Secret Lover.


SoHo Taco Event

Anita Lau, aka Mad Hungry Woman, the #2 Yelper in the world (according to the OC Register), Zagat featured blogger, and Orange County Food critic/social media foodie celebrity,  invited Big Train to supply Mexican beverages at an invite-only event entitled: Anita Unveils Her Secret Lover. We were intrigued and jumped at the chance to participate.

The event was held earlier this week at the acclaimed Break of Dawn Restaurant (Fox LA’s Best Breakfast 2008; Orange Coast Magazine’s Top 10 Restaurants 2009; Restaurant of the Year Orange County Business Journal). Just how much pull does the Mad Hungry Woman have?

Break of Dawn Chef Dee Nguyen

Chef Dee Nguyen and Anita Lau

Chef Dee Nguyen, owner of Break of Dawn, graciously opened his restaurant to host Anita and her select foodie and social media friends.

The purpose of the event was to help Anita raise awareness for her secret lover. Just who is this incognito inamorato paramour? As it turned out, Anita’s flame is (…drum roll…) SoHo Taco, caterers of Gourmet Tacos.


SoHo Taco Team

SoHo Taco comes prepared with a huge stainless steel taco stand and lots of carefully prepared fresh ingredients. Their staff shows great attention to detail. We knew from the start we were in for a treat. The pre-marinated shrimp tacos were cooked to perfection. The tortillas were hand-made right in front of us and even the mango salsa (and guac) was terrific. The veggie tacos were stellar too. To see more descriptions of SoHo’s excellent food by the Loco Hambriento Mujer herself, click here.

Big Train served up three Mexican inspired drinks to complement the menu:

  • Big Train Vivaz Horchata
  • Big Train Vivaz Jamaica
  • Big Train Shaken Mango Passion Green Tea

Not a drop was wasted as attendees literally tilted the serving containers to get more Big Train drinks. We were happy with the feedback on our products. But more importantly we met some phenomenal amigos, and were thrilled to meet the SoHo Team and Chef Nguyen from Break of Dawn. So the secret is out. If you’re in southern California and are planning a fiesta fantastico, contact my new amigo, Andy Zambrano at 951-642-0633 for gourmet taco catering. For more information go to their website at

hand made tortillas for SoHo gourmet tacos

Angelica, La Maestra de la Tortilla

SoHo Taco Rig

Taco Fixins


Big Train Jamaica, Horchata, Passion Mango Tea

Big Train Beverage Mix Samples

Big Train Drink Mix Samples

Big Train Horchata Vivaz Mexican Beverage Mix

Zeke: Horchata; @soysauce714 Mango Passion Tea

Jeff Friend and Ulrich Urhan

Jeff Friend and Ulrich Urhan

Gourmet Veggie Vegan Taco

SoHo Veggie Taco Delicioso

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering Team

SoHo Gourmet Taco Catering Team

Special Thanks to Albert Evangelista for his photographs.