Sunday, 12 August 2012

Irvine Coffeehouse Paradise Perks Hosts Luau Fruit Smoothie Tasting Tweet-up

When Big Train recently launched all new blender-ready pour over real fruit smoothie mixes, we wanted to share our latest line of drink mix products with some local consumers. We reached out to Marcie Taylor aka @suburbanmama on twitter, a social media strategist based in Irvine. Marcie connected us with Beth, the owner at Irvine Coffeehouse Paradise Perks. What a great idea!

Irvine Coffeehouse Paradise Perks

Jim from Big Train & Beth at Paradise Perks

After meeting Beth at Paradise Perks in Irvine, we were excited to learn they had been serving Big Train products for years including Big Train Spiced Chai and Dragonly frappes, an Asian themed line of ice blended creme mixes like Taro, Green Tea, Thai tea etc. Paradise Perks was the perfect venue to showcase new real fruit smoothie mixes. And so we set our Luau plans in motion.

Real Fruit Smoothie Tasting Tweet Up

Beth promoted the event, had her staff dress in Hawaiian attire and offered up a great menu:

  • coconut shrimp
  • wings of fire
  • bacon wrapped pineapple
  • fruit platter
Hold your Luau at Paradise Perks

Have your next Luau at Paradise Perks

Local ten year old blogger @TinyTechie offered to provide her interpretation of tropical desserts: Pineapple Beach Cupcakes.

Coconut Beach Cupcakes

Coconut Beach Cupcakes

@tinytechie cupcakes


@kimikor and @maryannewendt

@kimikor and @maryannewendt


@hoda007 sporting an orange lei

Lady Lux Swimwear
also from Irvine offered special discounts for attendees.
Lady Lux Swimwear

Big Train brought a Vitamix Quiet One Blender, new Real Fruit Smoothie pour-over-ice smoothie mixes, a treasure box full of Big Train drink mix samples, and a huge box of leis.

While Hawaiian music played, our Luau guests enjoyed great food, samples all the new Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes(Strawberry, Mango, Superfruit, Strawberry Banana, Peach and Wildberry). Beth and her staff were very accommodating and were great to work with.

Paradise Perks Staff

Paradise Perks Staff is great!

OC Foodie Mavens

Foodie Mavens Suki and @MadHungryWoman

Luau Tweet Up

Christiny rockin’ the blender

Sampling Smoothies

@TheBigDebowski & friends

Suki Angie Weeks Kathy Klingaman Cheryl Hawley

Suki, Angie Weeks, Kathy Klingaman, Cheryl Hawley

The event was a success! Many thanks to Marcie Taylor, Beth from Paradise Perks, Lady Lux Swimwear, @TinyTechie for the amazing cupcakes, and of course our friends and guests. Special thanks to Jenn and Christiny from Big Train’s marketing team that worked tirelessly to make it all happen.