Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Empire Avenue Warms up to Big Train this Summer with their Branded Luxury Items!!

empire avenueToday Empire Avenue launched Branded Luxury Items and Achievements with XBOX leading the way, and Big Train on board as well! With these items, players on Empire Avenue will be able to show off just how much they enjoy certain products when they buy them, and earn subsequent achievements for doing so.

Empire Avenue's Fun Shiny Warm Day Items!

Empire Avenue’s Fun Shiny Warm Day Items!

Buying these items is another cool way to diversify your portfolio on Empire Avenue. Rather than just stocks, now there are these luxury items bought with virtual money that will also count towards your total value in the game and will actually reward you with real life discounts, products and services (depending on the company!)

Check out Big Train’s #EAV portfolio here! We’re currently promoting our popular blended ice coffee products. On Empire Avenue go here to purchase a virtual Kona Mocha Blended Ice Coffee. Big Train eCommerce Marketing Manager, Jim Wendt, has this to say about Empire Avenue:

“Empire Avenue is one of the stickiest sites around. We’re excited about the potential to grow our brand awareness with influential social media leaders and early adopters of EAV.”

If you’re an individual who wants to take advantage of these achievements and rewards, or a business whose brand wants to become a part of this this latest social media phenomenon, visit and sign up today! (Careful, EAV is as addicting as Big Train’s Spiced Chai.)

Have any questions about Big Train? Visit our website or call us toll free at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724).