Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Corduroy American Apron: The Essential Flag Day Attire

corduroy american flag apron

Our Personalized Corduroy American Flag Apron!!!

Today is Flag Day, and here at Big Train® we were discussing how to properly honor the occasion. The general consensus was that the flag should go up, and beverages should be had. This led us to the topic of barista attire, and what better way to celebrate our nation’s flag than by fixing your favorite Big Train drinks for friends and family in a Corduroy American Flag Apron! The durable nature of the cloth is a great metaphor for our country, holding up and staying strong through even the toughest situations.

Thanks to the genius of the people at Zazzle,  you can customize your own Corduroy American Flag apron! For the color of the apron choose between white, yellow and khaki, and it’s even up to you which picture you use! Whatever you think would be best fitting to pay tribute to the high waving mascot of our country, go for it. From everyone here at Big Train, Happy Flag Day!

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