Friday, 20 May 2016

Big Train to Attend Coffee Fest 2016 in Dallas

Coffee Fest Dallas 2016: Where passionate coffee and tea professionals will learn skills, receive education and experience new products, plus great networking!

The Big Train team is excited to participate once again in this leading tea and coffee trade show.

Coffee Fest has been serving the specialty coffee and gourmet tea industries since 1992 and is viewed by most as the best trade show in America and around the world specifically for those involved with retailing coffee, tea and related products.

Everything under the sun that is found in an upscale coffee shop on either side of the counter, including the counter was on the exhibition floor.

The best coffee retail education, training, and workshops were present to network and learn from each other.

In 2013, we took home a best new product award, taking home third place in the New Product Showcase for our Fit Frappe Spiced Chai!

Coffee Fest chose to highlight our Fit Frappes, Blended Cremes, and Real Fruit Smoothies as “special [and] outstanding products” throughout the show.

In 2014, several members of the Big Train team were on-hand and also participated in the America’s Best Coffeehouse (ABC) Competition.

The ABC competition is basically what you’ve seen from town papers like “the best cafe in town.” But, Coffee Fest took this to a national stage and coast to coast.

If it looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee you will find it at Coffee Fest!

One of their primary features is the Drink Innovations Lab allows brands to showcase innovative new drinks.

In partnership with our sister brands DaVinci Gourmet and Oregon Chai, Big Train will be represented at the show.

Throughout the event, we’ll be making custom beverages showcasing featured recipes and products.

This year, Big Train will be highlighting three flavors of our blended ice coffees: Mocha, Vanilla Latte, and Cookies n Crème

Featured recipes made at this year’s show include:

Wild Berry Oat Smoothie

  • 8 oz Davinci Gourmet Very Berry Smoothie Mix
  • 2 oz steel cut oats, blended
  • 14 oz ice
  • Add all ingredients to a pitcher and blend until smooth

Salted Caramel Banana Smoothie

  • 2 scoops Big Train Vanilla Smoothie
  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Hawaiian Salted Caramel
  • 1 frozen browned banana
  • Dusting of cinnamon
  • 12 oz ice
  • Add all ingredients to a pitcher and blend until smooth

Green Smoothie

  • 8 oz DaVinci Gourmet Gratifying Greens Smoothie Mix
  • ¼ avocado
  • 0.25 oz lemon juice or slice of lemon (no seeds)
  • 16 oz ice
  • Add all ingredients to a pitcher and blend until smooth

Twice Spiced Cider

  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Chinese Five Spice
  • 7 oz apple juice
  • Optional: 1.5 oz clear tequila
  • Add ingredients in order, garnish with spices like ginger slices and lime wedges

Strawberry Basil Lassi

  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Innovations Strawberry (infused with basil)
  • 5 oz milk
  • 10 oz greek yogurt
  • Lightly stir, garnish with 1-3 fresh basil leaves

Raspberry Fields Lemonade

  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Pacific Northwest Raspberry
  • 3 oz lemon juiced
  • 4 oz water (also works with soda)
  • Ice
  • Add ingredients in order, garnish with a lemon wheel

Coconut Cold Brew Frappe

  • 2 scoops Big Train Vanilla Smoothie
  • 5 oz cold brew
  • 0.75 oz DaVinci Gourmet Natural Coconut
  • 12 oz ice
  • Blend

Fruit Loops Frappe

  • 2 scoops Big Train Vanilla Bean Blended Crème
  • 5 oz water
  • 2 oz fruit cereal of choice
  • 12 oz ice
  • Blend garnish with whipped cream and cereal

Cookies ‘N Cream

  • 2 scoops Big Train Cookies ‘N Cream
  • 5 oz water
  • 12 oz ice
  • Blend

Arnold Palmer Bubbler

  • 1 oz Oregon Chai Extra Spicy Super Concentrate
  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Innovations Lemonade
  • 10 oz soda water
  • 12 oz ice
  • Add ingredients in order listed and garnish with a lemon wedge

Salted Caramel Matcha Chai

  • 5 oz Oregon Chai Salted Caramel
  • 5 oz half and half
  • 1 tbsp matcha
  • Blend
  • Pour into ice filled glass

Blended Spicy Cucumber Lemonade

  • 4 oz Big Train Lemon Cooler
  • 0.25 oz DaVinci Gourmet Habanero
  • 4 oz water
  • 1 thin slice of fresh cucumber
  • 16 oz ice
  • Blend drink, pour into cup, garnish with lemon wheel on rim

If you’ll be joining us in Dallas June 10-12, stop by and visit us in booths #500 and #502!