Thursday, 30 June 2011

Top 10 Social Media Articles from

top social media articles mashableIn honor of Social Media Day, Big Train has scoured the pages of, the top news source for all things social media, to find the 10 best stories from their website. Whether they’re interesting, shocking, silly or just plain funny,we’ve found recent articles from the past two weeks (except the first, but it’s still fun!) that are all about social media.  So, if you can pull yourself away from tweeting and updating your Facebook for a few minutes, we hope you enjoy the links :

1. Here are some fun ways to customize the new-ish facebook profiles: CLICK.

2.  Apparently grandparents want to play Farmville, too. YIKES.

3.  If you tried to rob a bank and ended up in a police standoff with a hostage, what would you do? Facebook about it, obviously!

4.  Take advantage of social media to help navigate through the current job market. You’re using it all day anyways!

5.  What caused the food truck phenomenon? Social media, lower overhead and lots of hungry people! YUM.

6. Sometimes people get a little too personal with social media. Then they lose their job.

7.  How to run your blog without getting sued: TIPS.

8.  Because even if these celebrity twitter accounts aren’t real, they’re still real funny.

9.  Does the seemingly invincible Facebook have some competition on the way? Could Facebook become the same virtual wasteland as Myspace?

(EXTRA: Video walk-through of Google+)

10. Speaking of, the rise of social media and fall of Myspace: CLICK.

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