Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Define The New You in 2013

How will You Define the New You in the New Year? Tell us your 2013 Health & Fitness Goals and Win.

In order to help our customers keep their healthy New Year’s resolutions and reach their fitness goals, we are promoting Fit Frappé as a healthy way to stay on track in 2013. We are encouraging consumers to “Define the New You in 2013” by going to our landing page and telling us how they plan to achieve their goals in the new year.

As part of this promotion Big Train is holding a contest for consumers. Go to BigTrain.com/DefineTheNewYou to view the video (or see the YouTube video below) then head over to the Define the New You Contest page and enter to win! Consumers can fill out their name, email and phone number to be entered into a drawing to win one of over 200 prizes:

  • 100 Fit Frappe Tumblers
  • 100 Fit Frappe protein drink shakers
  • Grand Prize: 10 Asics Fitness Packages

Promotion begins January 7th and ends January 31, 2013. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified after the promotional period ends. For giveaway details and terms and conditions go here.

About this Project.

The idea behind the “Define the New You in 2013” video was to showcase friends, customers and some of southern California’s brightest in the social media and health/fitness communities, asking them how they will be reaching their goals in 2013. In total, there were about 30 participants and their responses primarily focused on health/fitness and life improvement. The photo shoot itself was a blast, taking place near the train station in San Juan Capistrano, with a fantastic brunch at nearby restaurant, Sarducci’s.

Monday, 2 July 2012

HSN Big Train Frozen Frappe Drink Mixes on Home Shopping Network!

HSN Frappe drink mixes! For the first time ever, Big Train products were made available via national television on the Home Shopping Network on Monday, July 2nd.

It all started when HSN came looking for some delicious drink mixes to sell as part of HSN’s 35th Anniversary celebration. What better way to celebrate than to offer up amazing coffeehouse style drinks that can be enjoyed at home, right? Mixing up several Big Train frappe mix flavors on live television created a lot of excitement here at Big Train’s headquarters in Lake Forest California. We could practically taste the drinks from here.

Big Train Frappe Blended Drink Mixes on HSN













A lot of preparation and planning went into getting ready for the HSN airing. After presenting a variety of options, and lots of taste testing, and tremendous effort behind the scenes to prepare for the live show, Big Train and HSN worked together to offer 8 Big Train yummy drink flavors in two exclusive fun packages:

The first package they presented was the “Fun Flavors” Pack. Each pack contains:

HSN Fun Frappe Flavors

Fun Flavors Pack


  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Bubble Gum
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Strawberry Banana
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Orange Creme
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Cotton Candy


The second package they decided to offer was the “Sophisticated Flavors” pack which includes:

Sophisticated Frappe flavors on HSN

Sophisticated Flavors Pack

  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Cookies n’ Creme
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Southern Velvet
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Root Beer Float
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – New York Cheesecake


Keri Maletto HSN Host for BigTrainBig Train and HSN selected Keri Maletto to be the lead on-air host. In addition to her experience as a fun and vivacious host for the Home Shopping Network, Keri has appeared in feature films like Dolphin Tale and television shows like Burn Notice and The Glades. Keri did a fantastic job presenting HSN’s exclusive Big Train drink mix products on HSN highlighting Big Train’s value to consumers that are looking for great tasting cafe style products that are easy to make. She even suggested some great ideas like adding strawberry liqueur to flavors like our New York Cheesecake frappe mix to create a yummy Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe cocktail for example. She also mixed up Cookies ‘n Cream, Bubble Gum and Orange Crème blended ice drink flavors. Great job Keri!


HSN created a Big Train brand page on their website where these exclusive products are available for sale in case you missed the program today. Hurry though, there is a limited supply and these products will likely sell out soon.

Did you miss the live show? No worries the show will run again at around 12:00 noon and again at 5:45 pm EDT.To view HSN’s Program Guide go here. Watch HSN live on your computer by clicking here:

For more information on these exclusive HSN Drink Products go here. For more information about Big Train go to Big Train.com.

HSN Big Train Beverage Mixes

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Perfect Bariatric Protein Drink for Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Weight Loss Patients.

The bariatric community is constantly on the look out for new delicious protein drink mixes as part of their stringent diets. Each year, more than 200,000 people make the life-changing decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. Focusing on health and a better well-being, bariatric patients work towards a total body and diet transformation. Extreme diet restrictions immediately following the surgery prevent this group from eating solid foods for weeks and then they’re required to maintain a high protein diet. The minimum protein requirement is about 50 to 60 grams per day to consume that much protein from foods alone – especially during the first few months after surgery.

Protein Drink Mix hot iced or cold

Fit Frappe: Hot, Iced, or Blended.

Bariatric patients often turn to liquid protein supplements because it is convenient and contains a high source of protein. However, many protein supplements have a very chalky taste, and more often than not, do not mix well when heated…but NOT Big Train’s Fit Frappé™!

Big Train first launched Fit Frappé™ last month with fitness and coffee lovers. During that time, the samples fell into the hands of a few weight loss surgery patients and we discovered that this was the perfect bariatric product  because of the high protein/low sugar and fat content, versatility, and great taste.

Here is the nutritional breakdown for Fit Frappé™ in a 16 oz serving:

  • 20 g Protein
  • Less than 1 g Sugar
  • 130 Calories
  • 5 g Fiber
  • 3.5 g Fat
  • 19 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 25 g Carbs or Less
  • Gluten Free

One of the best features about Fit Frappé™ is that it can be made blended, over ice or hot – and mixes very easily. In fact, our friends at BariatricTV.com did an entire segment on Fit Frappé™ and how easy it is to make and how great it tastes!  (And it doesn’t clump up when served hot like other protein mixes.) Click here to see the episode below (Fit Frappé™ appears around 6:15):

Fit Frappe Protein Drink Mix as seen on Bariatric TV

As seen on Bariatric TV

As you can tell, BariatricTV.com is very excited that there is a delicious protein option for gastric bypass patients. Here are a few more bariatric community members that have tried Fit Frappé™ and are in love with the drink!

“I am a bariatric patient and I am a protein snob. When I come across a protein that I enjoy, it excites me and immediately I want to share it with my friends and community.” -Beth

“So glad you came up with something now that I have had bariatric surgery all of your products are awesome.  Will be ordering the big tubs for sure!” – Linda

Many bariatric patients are replacing their morning cup of coffee with Fit Frappé™ and some are using it as a mid-day meal. They love the clean coffee taste and the fact that it can be made blended, over ice or hot. (Just add water.) Several recommendations for adding extra POWER include oatmeal, bananas, blueberries and raspberries, but Fit Frappé™ is delicious right out of the jug in any one of these 5 flavors:

Fit Frappe™ comes in five flavors: Espresso, Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Chocolate (non-coffee) and Vanilla (non-coffee)

Fit Frappe™ comes in five flavors: Espresso, Mocha, Vanilla Latte and two non-coffee flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla

If you are a member of the bariatric or lap band community or simply want to incorporate great tasting protein drinks as part of your diet, and would like to learn more Fit Frappé™, please go to FitFrappe.com or send an email to fitfrappe@bigtrain.com. Check us out at twitter.com/bigtrain and read the #FitFrappe posts. Also, visit us on facebook.com/bigtrain for recipe ideas, product information and Big Train giveaways! Find more easy to make gourmet beverage mix products at BigTrain.com.



Friday, 3 June 2011

How to Make a Coconut Mocha Frappe: Big Train® Style!

how to make a coconut mocha frappeToday’s Friday.  That means, before you know it, it’s Monday again. Work. School. Kids. Life can get hectic and sometimes it’s hard to find time to relax and reflect. Do you ever wish you could be transported to some far off exotic place? Well wish no more! Let Big Train® take you there with our decadent Coconut Mocha Frappe.

Thanks again to our good friend Amanda (@pinkmacprincess), we have yet another video recipe for your convenience.  Here’s a list of what you’ll need to get started:

  • Big Train® Mocha Blended Ice Coffee Mix
  • Big Train® Dragonfly Coconut Mix
  • Shredded coconut
  • Whip cream
  • 5 oz milk
  • 12 oz ice
  • Blender

Once you’ve got all the key ingredients on hand, follow Amanda’s instructions and enjoy!

If you feel like spicing up the recipe with a few chocolate chips or sprinkles, don’t hold back! Don’t let anything get in the way of your “me time”. Indulge and experience the soothing calm of unwinding with a cold, sweet Big Train® beverage!

Have any questions about Big Train®? Visit our website or call us toll free at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724).

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to Make a Big Train® Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

how to make a strawberry banana smoothie

Let a Big Train® customer teach you how!

Of all the great attributes that makes Big Train® the company it is today, one stands out above the rest. Our products may be easy to make, come in wide varieties of drink mixes and flavors and always maintain premium quality taste, but all of that pales in comparison to the people who enjoy them.  That’s right, the best part about Big Train is YOU!  The relationships with our loyal customers is what defines us and our products. So from all us at Big Train®: Thank you!

Without further ado, here is Amanda Hi (@pinkmacprincess) showing us how to make a delicious Strawberry Banana Smoothie using Big Train® Strawberry Banana Blended Creme mix with fresh fruit:

YUM! Thanks, Amanda!

Do you have a “How to” or any other creative video about Big Train®  that you’d like to share?? Let us know and we’ll add it to our YouTube favorites and repost it on Facebook and Twitter!

Have any questions about Big Train®? Visit our website or call us toll free at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724).

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Strawberry Blended Creme Smoothie Frappe Video Recipe

Strawberry-smoothie-recipeIt’s that time of year again. Driving through Irvine near Big Train’s headquarters in Orange County, California you can see a lot of action at the local strawberry fields. Spring has certainly sprung.

Besides having great nutritional value and antioxidants, did you know, for example, that 150 grams of fresh strawberries remove negative emotions? (So we’ve heard) Try it– eat six or seven of these berries – they will apparently relieve your stress! It’s no wonder that strawberry flavored beverages are some of our most popular. And now is the perfect time to start mixing up those strawberry smoothies.

Special thanks to Big Train fan Amanda “@pinkmacprincess” for posting this great video answering the question: “How do you make a Strawberry blended ice smoothie?” In this video recipe Amanda is taking her own twist on Big Train’s Blended Creme Strawberry frappe.

Amanda’s Ingredients:

  • Ice
  • Milk
  • 1 package of Big Train Blended Creme Strawberry powder mix
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Whipped Cream

Got your own version of a strawberry frappe or smoothie? Please share! And Enjoy.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spiced Chai Latte Recipes

So you’re probably asking: How do you make a fantastic Spiced Chai Latte? Fortunately with Big Train, you can make a delicious chai tea latte with ease. Baristas everywhere have used our products for over 20 years. Now you too can make the perfect professional chai latte at home in minutes.


Big Train Spiced Chai Mix for lattes

Big Train Spiced Chai mix for lattes.

Reddiwip Whipped Cream for lattes

Use Reddiwip to top your Chai lattes.

  • Big Train powdered Spiced Chai tea mix
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Reddiwip Whipped Cream
  • Garnish with Big Train Spiced Chai powder


Instead of telling you how to make a spiced chai tea latte, let one of our customers tell you. Check out this chai latte recipe video submitted by Big Train fan Amanda, aka PinkmacPrincess:

How to make a Spiced Chai Latte 2 Ways.”

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

20 Years in 20 Words.

To launch our new blog, we felt it was fitting to commemorate our 20 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate two decades in business than to pay tribute to some of our cohesive dedicated employees at Big Train right? Since 1991 Big Train has been making professional great tasting easy to prepare mixes. Our success is in the mix. (It’s our new tagline). Our mixes make great tasting drinks that are distributed and sold around the world. But it’s our mix of amazing hard working people that make it all happen in a fun and professional environment. Cheers to all of our partners, resellers and consumers of Big Train products. We’re looking forward to the next 20 years. And thanks to our tenured staff for their dedication and support.

Enjoy our video: 20 Years in 20 Words.