Friday, 30 August 2013

College Packing List: What to Bring to the Dorm

College Packing List

So you’re looking for an awesome college packing list huh? Well, we’ve got a checklist of 20 items you’ll want to bring to the dorm this school year! We have entertainment, organization, health-related, practical and even (gulp) cleaning items. Without further ado…Big Train presents the college packing list that will really help you rock your school year!

1) Internet-Powered Television

Paying for cable TV can get expensive and gathering money from roomies can be a hassle. Cut the cord and go for something like a Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast by Google. All you need is an Internet connection and subscriptions to a few streaming services and you’re good to go!

streaming tv for college packing list

2) Alarm

Almost every single mobile phone in the past decade includes an alarm clock (and there are even apps that require you to walk at least 30 paces before they shut off), but sometimes it’s good to have a good ol’ reliable alarm clock in the dorm to make sure you don’t miss those early-morning finals!

alarm clock for college packing list

3) Compact Cooking Appliance

Toasters and toaster ovens are alright but get yourself a 3-in-1 Breakfast Station and master the delicate art of breakfast. Your friends will stare in awe as you toast, griddle and serve up the dark roast – with ONE appliance.

compact cooking for college packing list

4) Blenders (blender and milk frother)

Roomies and neighbors may not appreciate the noise of a blender but they’ll sure love the awesome culinary concoctions you’ll delight them with (see #6). Milk frothers work great for mixing chai right in your mug.

blender milk frother for college packing list

5) Sleep Mask (Bonus: Scented)

Blocking any and all excess light is especially awesome for those mornings when you don’t have class until 10:00 am, but you also never know when you’re cobbled-together blinds (read: blanket held up by tacks) decide to come tumbling down just in time to let all that early morning sunshine come spewing in.

sleep mask for college packing list

6) Just-Add-Water Drink Mixes

There will be times when food/drinks will be hard to come by, but hopefully you’ll still have access to fresh water. If so, that’s all you need in order to make these delicious drinks:

  • 6.1) Chai: easy to make and delicious, chai soothes your soul during stressful exam time
  • 6.2) Frappes: make your dorm mates BFFs and give them a delicious Blended Ice Coffee. Just add Big train Blended Ice Coffee mix, ice and water into a blender. Great for those late night study sessions!
  • 6.3) Fit Frappe: In a rush on way to school? Need a healthier alternative to high-calorie expensive lattes? Try Fit Frappe, delicious easy-to-make protein latte mixes – the “Healthy Buzz”.

big train chai blended ice coffee for college packing list

Thursday, 27 June 2013

DIY Spiced Chai Frappe | How to Make Blended Chai Drinks at Home


5.0 from 1 reviews
DIY Spiced Chai Frappe | How to Make Blended Chai Drinks at Home
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Make the drink that has been savored for centuries in India and refresh your body and soul with the creamy blend of honey, vanilla, black tea and exotic spices.
  • 6 fl oz water or milk
  • 2 scoops Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix
  • 1.5 cups ice
  1. Add water or milk to blender
  2. Then add Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix
  3. Add ice
  4. Blend until smooth


blended chai pic

DIY Blended Spiced Chai Frappe

Wondering how to make your own Spiced Chai Frappe at home? Do it yourself with Big Train’s Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix!

Chai, meaning “tea” in many parts of the world, originated in ancient India. It is traditionally made with rich black tea, heavy milk, sweetener, and a combination of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and pepper. Not only does it have an irresistibly spicy flavor, but it’s also a natural digestive aid. Even better, Big Train’s Spiced Chai Tea Latte mix is gluten free, low fat, and uses no hydrogenated oils! If you love chai as a drink in chilly weather, then you’ll love it as a blended spiced chai frappe or simply poured over ice as a refreshing thirst quencher in warmer weather!

For the DIY enthusiast, you can easily make spiced chai frappes at home by simply adding milk or water and ice. Home baristas can purchase Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix here. At just $6.50, it yields ten 8 fl oz servings.

Big Train has a great reputation for delicious chai mixes with coffeehouses and restaurants. Big Train also offers foodservice operators a bulk-size 3.5 lb Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix so that you’ll never run out! Just add milk or water and ice to this product and you’ll have a delicious iced chai frappe in seconds. We realize you can’t always get out to your favorite cafe, so Big Train also offers several retail chai products. For all chai latte mix flavor options go here.

If you love good-for-you, good-for-the-soul beverages, then you will love Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte mix! So DIY! Do it yourself and create a delicious chai frappe today.

For more information, go to

Thursday, 28 February 2013

10 Interesting Facts About Smoothies

Big Train has a smoothie program designed to fit your customers!

Summer is right around the corner and that means high demand for cold, refreshing smoothies! Give your customers what they want during the warmer months with help from Big Train’s smoothie program. Choose from our wide variety of products, flavors and equipment to design the program that is right for your and save $10 on each case of smoothies!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hot Protein Drinks: Serving Fit Frappe Hot

Fit Frappé Hot ProteinHot protein drinks are not a figment of your imagination. Fit Frappe, Big Train’s line of outrageously delicious protein drinks mixes launched in late 2011. With over 20 years experience making versatile gourmet drink mixes, we wanted to make sure that our new protein products could also be served hot while minimizing clumping. Keep reading for some Fit Frappe customer love, the best way to make a skinny latte and the science behind hot protein drinks.


As the name implies Fit Frappe can certainly be made blended with ice or shaken over ice. Alas it can be served hot too! Simply add your hot water (but not boiling hot) to your mug of choice and stir in your powdered Fit Frappe protein drink mix. (See packaging or website for mixing instructions). Coffee lovers will enjoy the espresso, vanilla latte and mocha flavors. And if you have a special coffee or espresso, try adding Fit Frappe vanilla or chocolate to craft your own custom hot protein enriched coffee drinks (this author adds Vanilla Fit Frappe to a hot cup of coffee as a new routine replacing popular dairy creamers that are high in sugar and fat).

We recently received an email from a CrossFit enthusiast who stated:

I love FitFrappe as it has solved the needs for my morning Crossfit workouts. Before, I’d wake up at 4am and have a protein drink and pre-workout caffeine supplement.  Now, just a nice hot cup of FitFrappe.”
Steve N. Rogers, AR


To make the ultimate skinny latte, get one of those milk frothers (small battery operated blenders). Once you pour in the mix, froth away and enjoy! See the video below for a demonstration:


So, does serving Fit Frappé hot impact protein effectiveness?

Proteins are chains of large molecules made up of amino acids in different sequences. Denaturation of protein through such methods like heat, acid, or physical agitation is breaking the bonds between the amino acids. It is the amino acids that provide the nutritional benefits. Breaking the bonds can actually be beneficial because the body can access/use the amino acids much quicker than having the stomach acids digest or denature the protein.

For example, after a workout, some consume protein to build back the lean muscle mass lost during the workout. Consuming proteins that have been denatured is beneficial because the body will use/absorb the amino acids quicker.


So you can have your hot cafe drinks and protein too. Learn more about Big Train’s Fit Frappe gourmet protein drink mix line. Have a question or comment regarding Big Train? Have a protein drink recipe you’d like to share? Email us at


Friday, 14 September 2012

Root Beer Float Frappe Mix Redefines a Classic.

Ahhh, Root Beer float. There was nothing better when you were a kid than observing the makings of your favorite treat – watching the root beer fall into the frosty mug, seeing the bubbles pop on the surface of the foam, smelling the sweet and creamy ice cream as it plopped into the soda and then… taking that first bite of your scrumptious root beer float! Creamy, bubbly, tangy and downright good! Don’t you wish you could have one right now? Cold and refreshing with a sweet and creamy texture, this traditional dessert has been a favorite for generations.

Now, you can get this same tasty flavor in an easy to make frappe! Nostalgia has never tasted better with Big Train’s newest flavor, Root Beer Float Blended Crème Frappe. All you need is ice and water or milk and you have an outstanding and refreshing treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day!

What are the flavors in Root Beer soda?

The unique flavor of root beer is not composed of just one element, but several complex ingredients. The primary flavoring is from the bark of the sassafras plant. This plant can be found in your backyard…but don’t go making root beer from it, there are other ingredients to the drink. Other flavorings include vanilla, cherry, licorice root, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon, clove and honey. Wintergreen also gives it a creamy bite on the finish of the drink and stands out nicely in the Big Train Root Beer Float Blended Crème Frappe. Big Train sells this product in 3.5 lb bulk bags for the foodservice industry. Who knew so many different ingredients could mix together so deliciously?


Rootbeer float frappe mix

All of the classic flavors of Root Beer soda along with the smoothness of vanilla ice cream are combined to create the Root Beer Float Blended Crème Frappe! This flavor had an overwhelming response at Chicago Coffee Fest in June in 2012. Customers were asking for seconds, thirds and even fourths as well as requesting samples left and right.

This is sure to be a hit any time of the year with all customers! Request your FREE sample of Big Train’s Root Beer Float Blended Crème Frappe from your local distributor or call 800 Big Train (244-8724). Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for product updates and giveaways!

Monday, 2 July 2012

HSN Big Train Frozen Frappe Drink Mixes on Home Shopping Network!

HSN Frappe drink mixes! For the first time ever, Big Train products were made available via national television on the Home Shopping Network on Monday, July 2nd.

It all started when HSN came looking for some delicious drink mixes to sell as part of HSN’s 35th Anniversary celebration. What better way to celebrate than to offer up amazing coffeehouse style drinks that can be enjoyed at home, right? Mixing up several Big Train frappe mix flavors on live television created a lot of excitement here at Big Train’s headquarters in Lake Forest California. We could practically taste the drinks from here.

Big Train Frappe Blended Drink Mixes on HSN













A lot of preparation and planning went into getting ready for the HSN airing. After presenting a variety of options, and lots of taste testing, and tremendous effort behind the scenes to prepare for the live show, Big Train and HSN worked together to offer 8 Big Train yummy drink flavors in two exclusive fun packages:

The first package they presented was the “Fun Flavors” Pack. Each pack contains:

HSN Fun Frappe Flavors

Fun Flavors Pack


  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Bubble Gum
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Strawberry Banana
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Orange Creme
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Cotton Candy


The second package they decided to offer was the “Sophisticated Flavors” pack which includes:

Sophisticated Frappe flavors on HSN

Sophisticated Flavors Pack

  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Cookies n’ Creme
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Southern Velvet
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – Root Beer Float
  • 11.3 oz. Frozen Frappe Drink Mix – New York Cheesecake


Keri Maletto HSN Host for BigTrainBig Train and HSN selected Keri Maletto to be the lead on-air host. In addition to her experience as a fun and vivacious host for the Home Shopping Network, Keri has appeared in feature films like Dolphin Tale and television shows like Burn Notice and The Glades. Keri did a fantastic job presenting HSN’s exclusive Big Train drink mix products on HSN highlighting Big Train’s value to consumers that are looking for great tasting cafe style products that are easy to make. She even suggested some great ideas like adding strawberry liqueur to flavors like our New York Cheesecake frappe mix to create a yummy Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe cocktail for example. She also mixed up Cookies ‘n Cream, Bubble Gum and Orange Crème blended ice drink flavors. Great job Keri!


HSN created a Big Train brand page on their website where these exclusive products are available for sale in case you missed the program today. Hurry though, there is a limited supply and these products will likely sell out soon.

Did you miss the live show? No worries the show will run again at around 12:00 noon and again at 5:45 pm EDT.To view HSN’s Program Guide go here. Watch HSN live on your computer by clicking here:

For more information on these exclusive HSN Drink Products go here. For more information about Big Train go to Big

HSN Big Train Beverage Mixes

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coffee Smoothie, Making Special into Spectacular

Coffee Smoothie Mix Powder - Blended Ice Coffee Flavors from Big Train

What is a coffee smoothie? A coffee smoothie is what most people call a café frappe or blended ice coffee drink or blended frappe cappuccinos. These smoothies blend iced coffee with other flavorings. The easiest way to make a smoothie like this (and the secret of fine baristas around the world) is using a high quality mix. You will find that Big Train’s gourmet Blended Ice Coffee mixes are great options to add to your drink line up. You can indulge in a number of flavors including caramel latte, chocolate malt, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, coffee, dulce de leche, espresso, Heath mocha, java chip, Kona mocha, mocha, pralines n cream, vanilla latte, and white chocolate latte. You can add additional items to these mixes to come up with your own flavor profiles. See all the Big Train flavors here.




How to make a coffee smoothie - Simply pour ice, water and mix into the blender. Blend until smooth.How to make a coffee smoothie

To get started with your coffee smoothie creation, you will need a bag of Big Train’s Blended Ice Coffee in your favorite flavor. All you need to do is add ice and water to the package directions. Place it all into a powerful blender and mix it up. Within a minute or so, you will see the blended drink begin to form. When it’s smooth, all you need to do is place it into a chilled glass and add a dollop of whipped cream if you want. Invest in a great blender as great equipment can make a  huge impact on the quality of blended ice drinks.

Quick steps to make a coffee smoothie: Simply pour ice, water and mix into the blender. Blend until smooth.


How can you add variations?

Fresh fruit is a great way to add another dimension to your coffee smoothie. Fruits like cherries, orange, or banana goes well with chocolate. You can either blend the flavors in with the mix or add them as fine chunks after you complete the blending process.

Syrups make another option for taking your coffee smoothie up a few notches. You can add additional chocolate syrup for a rich flavor. Vanilla can smooth out chocolate peanut butter. Hazelnut or caramel syrup makes excellent notes in many kinds of smoothie.

Coffee Smoothie Dulce de Leche with Chocolate Sauce topping

Dulce de Leche Coffee Smoothie

Toppings can take a great coffee smoothie into the stratosphere. Whipped cream is one option. But adding walnuts or peanuts is a great option also. Sprinkles add an additional element. A drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce is perfect. Even a sprig of mint can make a difference.


Let your imagination soar!

Take your imagination and soar with Big Train’s Blended Ice Coffees. You will taste the difference. With these easy to use mixes, you can make smoothies at home. You can also add another dimension of revenue to your coffee house business that will have your customers begging for more. The choices and possibilities are endless. Enjoy your coffee smoothies.

For more information on Big Train Blended Ice coffee mixes go here.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Big Train Product Review by Peachy’s Panel of Whom You Know!


Big Train Products Recommended by the Peachy’s Pantry Panel of Whom You Know!

Review Published: 4/19/12

(Excerpt from Whom You Know)

“If you’re someone who, like me, gets bored with the same old beverages over and over again (how many bottles of Poland Spring can a gal drink?!), then you’ve got to check out Big Train! An all-American company that started small and now produces over 200 products and exports to over 55 countries, Big Train is a classic example of the great American dream becoming a reality through creativity, hard work, and perseverance…”

(To read the entire review please go visit our friends at WhoYouKnow, click here.)

Thanks Peachy!




Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Easy Real Fruit Smoothies, the “just Pour Over Ice” Summer Solution

Easy real fruit smoothies will soon be in high demand as baristas tune up their blenders get them ready for hot days ahead. Summer is just around the corner and nothing says summer like the taste of a delicious real fruit smoothie. The refreshing combination of fresh fruit blended with cold ice makes a perfect drink on a hot day. Big Train is celebrating summer by introducing six mouthwatering simple to make pour over ice real fruit smoothie mixes. Using the freshest fruit from around the world and hand-selected at peak ripeness, each Big Train Fruit Smoothie includes delicious real fruit and has less calories and sugar than many other leading brands. Enjoy the refreshing summer tastes of Strawberry, Mango, Wildberry, Strawberry Banana, SuperFruit and Peach smoothie mixes. Getting a bit of summer in every sip has never been this simple – just pour over ice and blend! So get those blenders ready! To view all of Big Train’s easy Real Fruit Smoothie mix products go here.

Real fruit smoothie pour over mix

The benefits to café owners and baristas? Not only will these delicious real fruit smoothies keep loyal customers coming back for more, they are incredibly simple to make. Just pour over ice, blend and you’re done! It’s easy. No more measuring water and product. Now you can make consistently great real fruit smoothies and serve more customers faster without waste. And with a 12 month shelf life, our products help foodservice professionals save money. To meet the summer rush, contact Big Train today at 800 BIG TRAIN (244-8724) to sample Big Train’s Real Fruit Smoothie mixes with your customers today.

If you are a consumer and would like to try one of Big Train’s real fruit smoothies in your neighborhood, try searching our store locator. Can’t find a store in your area? Well, then fill out this form and take it to your favorite barista.

Smoothies are refreshing, healthy, and convenient. Big Train smoothies have 25-40% less sugar and 30-50% less calories than many other leading brands.



Easy real fruit smoothie pour over mix

Easy Fruit Smoothie Blender Ready Mixes from Big Train


Easy Real Fruit Smoothies: Blender Ready:

The best part is that you don’t have to wait. Want a real fruit smoothie now? Just grab some Big Train mix and some ice and a few seconds later you have a refreshing fruit smoothie. You will feel good about saving time and money with every simple to make, blender ready real fruit smoothie! Yum! So go ahead ask your Distributor or contact us for healthy easy to make simple to serve Real Fruit Smoothie mixes.

Big Train offers a wide array of products including blended ice coffees, coffee-free blended crème frappes, chai teas, protein drink mixes, fruit smoothies (blender-ready pour overs and concentrates), kids’ beverages, hot cocoas (hot chocolates), low carb beverages and baked goods, powdered soft serve and flavored syrups to more than 20,000 customers including independent and small chain coffeehouses, bakeries, foodservice operators and its extensive international distributor network. For more information, ask your Big Train distributor or visit or call 800 BIG TRAIN (that’s 800-244-8724). Or follow @BigTrain on twitter or like Big Train on Facebook.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Consumers are Mad about Mangos: Make the perfect Summer Smoothie with Mango Smoothie Mix from Big Train.

Mangos are a delicious mix of sweet and smooth textures and flavors. But have you ever tried to cut and peel a mango? If you have, you know it’s not easy. Summer is coming and though the taste of a mango smoothie sounds alluring, the work does not. Big Train has found and bottled the solution so you can enjoy a delicious tropical mango smoothie.

Mango Real Fruit Smoothie Mix Concentrate

Mango Smoothie Mix

You are going to love this tropical smoothie made with Big Train Real Fruit concentrate! Just blend Big Train Real Fruit Mango concentrate with ice and water. You can even blend the concentrate with yogurt or splurge with a scoop of ice cream. This mango smoothie is jam packed with flavor. Just a sip of this creamy orange and yellow drink will invoke images of a tropical paradise. It’s the perfect complement to the hot summer sun. Better yet, Big Train Real Fruit Smoothie concentrate is made with real fruit so you get the flavor and nutrition of real fruit with less time, effort and cost than peeling mangos all summer long. Cafes, baristas, and foodservice purveyors of real fruit smoothies, click here to see all of Big Train’s amazingly delicious and easy to prepare wholesale fruit smoothie mixes. Consumers, check out our fruit smoothie mix products for home use by selecting Home Barista products here.

Mangos are an ideal summer food because they are high in many carotenoids especially beta-carotene. Beta-carotene helps protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. Yes, that’s the same beta-carotene that is in carrots, but most people prefer to eat mangos. Mangos are also high in B-complex vitamins. The B vitamins (anti-stress) are perfect for a relaxing summer. They are also a good source of vitamin A, vitamins C & E and selenium. Because Big Train’s Tea Blast smoothie concentrates include green tea, they also include antioxidants.

Sipping this tropical drink is the perfect way to relax, enjoy the summer and be good to your body.

Founded in 1991, Big Train is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium powdered and liquid concentrate beverage mixes serving the specialty coffee, foodservice and retail industries in the US and abroad. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California with a manufacturing facility in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, Big Train is known for high quality beverage solutions that are great tasting and easy to prepare. Big Train offers a wide array of products including blended ice coffees, coffee-free blended crème frappes, chai teas, protein drink mixes, fruit smoothies, kids’ beverages, hot cocoas (hot chocolates), low carb beverages and baKied goods, powdered soft serve and flavored syrups to more than 20,000 customers including independent and small chain coffeehouses, bakeries, foodservice operators and its extensive international distributor network. For more information, visit or call 800 BIG TRAIN (that’s 800-244-8724). Or follow @BigTrain on twitter or like Big Train on Facebook.