Monday, 21 April 2014

Coffee Podcast for Baristas: Audio Cafe

Looking for a Coffee Podcast for baristas or coffeehouse operators? If you love coffee and enjoy listening to podcasts, you definitely want to check out the Audio Cafe podcast!

Hosted by Levi Andersen, aka @boyrista on twitter, this weekly coffee podcast is crafted for people working or in love with specialty coffee. Levi is the Beverage Product Specialist for Kerry (DaVinci Gourmet, Big Train, Oregon Chai, Island Oasis and more brands). He is basically our lead barista – he takes all of the existing products and flavorings and creates on-trend recipes for Big Train products and other Kerry foodservice brands..

He gets to fly to events to speak in addition to hosting customers (like chief executive of some of te largest coffeehouses in the world) who visit our corporate office. Levi also trains sales teams on how to use the products and often joins meetings they have with visitors from large coffee/fast-food/chain/restaurant chains. and make them amazing drinks. He also gets to help develop new products.

Its fun, fast, and challenging, and I love it,  says Levi. Working in the Specialty Coffee industry in general is awesome. There are so many great people who share their knowledge openly because they genuinely love what they do and want to make a lasting difference. Speaking at Coffee Fest trade shows has been a personal highlight.

Levi’s podcast features interviews about brew methods, customer service, staffing, tips and tricks like opening a coffee shop, tea 101, and discovering the best cafes around.

It’s designed to pair with your americano or cappuccino as you learn from the top leaders in the coffee industry. The voices of those who participate include cafe owners, coffee growers, roasters, baristas, managers and chefs sharing real stories and advice.

Levi details what the coffee house podcast is about and why he started it

While working in many different aspects of coffee I kept seeing that people want to connect. There are many great resources our there like magazines (Barista, Roast, Fresh Cup, etc.) websites (Barista, Roast, Sprudge, Barista Exchange, etc) and even now a TV show, Dangerous Grounds. But at the time, there were no active podcasts about coffee. Personally I’ve listened to 1056 hours of podcasts just on my iPhone in 2 years. That’s 44 days of podcasts. And I’m not alone, a lot of people are doing this.

So, I knew there was a need for a coffee podcast, the only question was how should it relate to coffee exactly? Looking at what was out there already was helpful because I didn’t want to do what they were already doing. And I wanted to do something that was an extension of myself and my experiences.

A part of me wanted to talk about what they were covering like café styles, the history of espresso, and black coffee vs having cream, but I needed to make it my own and unique. So I decided to target the people who really need the most help: baristas, coffeehouse owners and managers. And I will speak to them from my own experiences of owning my coffee stand.

If your hands touch coffee, then your ears deserve to listen to this podcast. Many big issues are covered, like water quality’s effect espresso and what that means for the ‘average joe’ and the Single Origin connoisseur. These lessons are worth their own weight in Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Panama Esmerelda Especial Mario Carnaval green beans.

The podcast has also been transitioning to Google Hangouts as well. These Hangouts are recorded and streamed live. There is also a chat room for attendees to ask questions. After the events, the recorded videos are searchable on YouTube.

Levi plans to host two hangouts per month, with the next one scheduled for April 21st. The last hangout had 8 people, which adds a layer of exclusivity and intimacy. During the last Hangout, the group talked about latte art in cafes along with dos and don’t, why at all, what it means to be a customer, etc.

Some hangouts are geared to consumers while others are geared toward baristas. The last barista podcast was aimed at people who make coffee for customers. The groups shared tips, tricks, and concerns. In the future, Levi plans to type an outline and vision in advance to display the reasons an average coffee drinker may want to attend and watch.

For more information about Levi’s coffee podcast go here: Audio Cafe . For more information about Kerry’s foodservice beverage brands go