Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Casein Protein – What is it? Learn the Skinny:

What is casein protein?

Casein is a type of protein mainly found in mammalian milk. It makes up over 80% of the proteins found in bovine milk and up to 65% of the protein in human breast milk. Casein is useful for many things including making cheese and in protein supplements. It is very popular with bodybuilders who want to maintain an anabolic state for longer periods.

Casein vs. Whey

How is casein protein different from whey? Casein and whey are both byproducts of milk production. The differences come in how the body processes these proteins. Casein is a slow acting protein. When the milk settles into your stomach, it becomes a solid. The body then feeds off that block of protein for hours afterwards. Whey, on the other hand, is a fast acting protein. The body can take this protein in quickly and convert it into energy. Casein is good for overall protein buildup while whey is great for immediate protein needs.

Casein Absorption Rate

What is the absorption rate for casein protein? The easiest way to measure the absorption rate is to look at when the amino acids in the blood stream tend to peak after consuming casein protein vs. whey. Blood amino acids spike 300 minutes after consumption of casein protein. With whey, that spike happens in less than 90 minutes. That is over 300% difference in time.

Casein Tastes Better

What is the flavor profile of casein protein? Casein protein offers a low flavor profile. That means it does not have a strong flavor that will overwhelm the other flavors that you might want to combine with it.

Casein Protein Sources

Where can you get casein protein? Casein protein is available in cheese products as well as in protein substitute products or supplements. Here at Big Train, we are harnessing the power of casein protein with our line of Fit Frappé™ Protein Drinks. These drinks offer over 20 grams of protein in a single serving. In fact the top ingredient is Calcium Caseinate which provides the casein protein. You get three amazingly delicious coffee flavors: Vanilla Latte, Espresso, Mocha, and two non-coffee flavors, Chocolate, or Vanilla which are great on their own or they can be used as bases for your own personal delightful protein creations.

These drinks will give you that shot of protein you want for long lasting protein power. Moreover, you can do it without high counts in calories, fat, or sugars. Too good to be true? The slow acting protein will give you that boost you want over the entire day. You also get a shot of caffeine to get you going. If you want a low calorie, high protein drink option, with no aftertaste, then you need to look at Big Train’s Fit Frappe line for your next high protein high energy drink.

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