Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What Is A Frappe? (And How To Make One)

what is a frappe how to make a frappe black cherry

Our decadent black cherry frappe.

With the surge of coffee shops in the past few years, Frappes have become more of a widely discussed beverage. But what is a frappe really, you may ask? Well Frappe, from the French frapper (meaning to strike or hit), is used in English to refer to various uses of crushed ice. This is mostly used in reference to milkshakes or a foam covered coffee.  In the United States though, we have become a bit more lenient in the usage of the this word. So, essentially, a cold Frappe is any kind of blended drink. That’s why, here at Big Train, we refer to our Blended Ice Coffees and Blended Creme powdered mixes as Frappes! With over 20 Blended Ice Coffee Products and 25 Blended Cremes, Big Train offers over 45 Frappe drink mixes.

So now that you have a more finely tuned understanding of the drink, let’s discuss how to make a Frappe! As with all of our drinks, Big Train’s Frappes are extremely simple and quick to make. The hardest part is deciding which of our scrumptious flavors to use! Here’s what you do:

what is a frappe how to make a frappe mocha

Big Train's Mocha Frappe: Made in 2 minutes or less!

  • Add 12 fl oz of ice into your blender.
  • Next add 5 fl oz of water, milk or chilled coffee (depending on the flavor being used and your preference)
  • Add Big Train’s Blended Ice Coffee or Blended Creme powdered mix
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy! (Optional: whipped creme)

Now whenever  you need a Frappe fix, you can make it at home! If you’re a blended drink business who currently sells Frappes or is in the market to, let us supply you with all of your needs. With a premium quality and taste that’s so easy to make, it’s almost too good to be true! What’s your favorite Frappe?

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Need Drinks For Fundraising?? Let Big Train Supply Your Fundraiser Beverages!

drinks for fundraising fundraiser beverages big train

We have hundreds of different flavors and drinks to choose from!

Thinking of throwing a fundraiser or charity event? Are you a church or do you have legal documentation proving the legitimacy of your non-profit organization?Well stop right there! Big Train will help fulfill your fundraiser needs in the easiest and tastiest fashion.

Why you should use Big Train:

  • Right now, if you buy from Big Train for the first time and buy one case of product, you get a second one FREE! On top of that, if you sign up for our OnTrack™ Rewards program after the fact, you get a SECOND FREE CASE of product (your choice) with no shipping!
  • Our powdered beverage mixes come in easy to use packaging including individual packaging or larger tins or bags containing measuring devices to scoop out for individual drinks at your convenience!
  • All of our professional high quality delicious products are quick and easy to make! The three things you’ll need to make ANY of our drinks is water (or milk substitutes), ice and a blender (for our warm beverages all you need is hot water!)
  • You’ll raise lots of money! Especially with the current deal of getting 3 cases of product for the price of 1, the already great profit margin has just increased by 200%!

Churches, for example, will buy our bulk mixes and charge for drinks.  If a chai beverage costs $0.85 to make and you charge $3.00, then your profit margin is $2.15 or 72%. That’s a lot money being earned for your organization!

drinks for fundraising fundraiser beverages big train

Big Train’s products are delicious at any temperature!

Create the perfect fundraiser setting with the perfect fundraising beverages!  Blended Ice Coffees, Frappes or Smoothies would be ideal for a gathering on a hot summer day, while our rich chais and hot chocolates would be sure to warm up guests on cool winter evening. Get together all your supporters and other locals in the community to offer them the tastiest gourmet beverages and great company, and it’s all for a great cause! Need posters or table tents to help promote your fundraiser? Just ask! Tell us about how you use beverages for fundraising.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Big Train Totes Premium Drink Mixes at the 17th Annual Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Food Service

drink mixes hawaii lodging, hospitality and food service expo

Big Train’s Booth at the Expo!

On July 13 and 14th, the 17th Annual Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Food Service Expo was held at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Food Service Expo was launched in 1995, and boasts a full range of products and services for buyers, as well as the primary goal of bringing the full spectrum of the state’s market into one place. Admission is free and the wide array of exhibits include products ranging from appliances to seafood and services like remodeling and website design.

drink mixes hawaii lodging, hospitality and food service expo big train

Tom Burke of Kahuna Distribution (left) with Big Train’s Michael Harrison (right)

For the past two days, Big Train’s Michael Harrison has been mingling with some of the (over 5,000) buyers at the state’s biggest trade show. Pictured on the left, he’s hanging loose with Tom Burke, owner of Kahuna Distribution, a distributor of Big Train’s drink mixes in Oahu and Maui.

“We saw many current customers and got great leads,” says Michael. “I’m definitely looking forward to next year!”

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Big Train Taro Boba Drink Recipe: Make Your Own Bobas!

make your own taro bobas lollicup

You can buy Big Train products and other tapioca boba flavors from Lollicup!

Bobas are currently all the rage, and from the small mom and pop shops to the local Lollicup, they’re here to stay. Boba, Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea; the drink may have many names but it always has the same great taste.  Now, with the use of Big Train’s Taro flavored powdered blended creme mix (from our Dragonfly line) you can make a delicious version of boba from the comfort of your own home.

Taro is a staple of Asian cultures. Its taste can be described as a cross between vanilla nut and sweet buttery kettle corn. If you love boba drinks, wait until you try a Taro Milk Tea boba drink!

Here’s all you need to get started:

make your own taro bobas big train dragonfly

Big Train’s Dragonfly Taro Flavor Powdered Mix

  • Boba Tapioca Pearls (which can be purchased at grocery stores or Asian markets)
  • 12 oz of ice
  • 5 oz of milk
  • Big Train’s Dragonfly Taro Powdered Blended Creme Mix
  • A blender to mix it all together
  • Your favorite cup
  • A large straw that can suck up the tapioca boba pearls!

As with any Big Train beverage, it’s simple and quick to make. The hardest part of the process is boiling the tapioca for 5 minutes.  But never fear, because we have all the confidence in the world in you! Here’s a short video from Pink Mac Princess demonstrating how easy it really is to make this exotic drink:

There you have it! So next time you crave delicious Bobas at home or you’re thinking about selling them at your store, try a Taro flavored Boba beverage!  Got an interesting boba recipe using Big Train mixes? Please share.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Empire Avenue Warms up to Big Train this Summer with their Branded Luxury Items!!

empire avenueToday Empire Avenue launched Branded Luxury Items and Achievements with XBOX leading the way, and Big Train on board as well! With these items, players on Empire Avenue will be able to show off just how much they enjoy certain products when they buy them, and earn subsequent achievements for doing so.

Empire Avenue's Fun Shiny Warm Day Items!

Empire Avenue’s Fun Shiny Warm Day Items!

Buying these items is another cool way to diversify your portfolio on Empire Avenue. Rather than just stocks, now there are these luxury items bought with virtual money that will also count towards your total value in the game and will actually reward you with real life discounts, products and services (depending on the company!)

Check out Big Train’s #EAV portfolio here! We’re currently promoting our popular blended ice coffee products. On Empire Avenue go here to purchase a virtual Kona Mocha Blended Ice Coffee. Big Train eCommerce Marketing Manager, Jim Wendt, has this to say about Empire Avenue:

“Empire Avenue is one of the stickiest sites around. We’re excited about the potential to grow our brand awareness with influential social media leaders and early adopters of EAV.”

If you’re an individual who wants to take advantage of these achievements and rewards, or a business whose brand wants to become a part of this this latest social media phenomenon, visit www.empireavenue.com and sign up today! (Careful, EAV is as addicting as Big Train’s Spiced Chai.)

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Frappe Recipe | Big Train’s Summer of Blended Candy Cremes!

reeses peanut butter cup frappe recipe

So many options!

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Frappe Recipe | Big Train’s Summer of Blended Candy Cremes!

We asked and you answered! Of all the candy bars out there, Big Train fans chose Reeses Peanut Butter cups as the key ingredient in the first of our summer of Blended Candy Cremes!

Last week we put your idea to the test here at the Big Train headquarters. The result?  MIND BLOWING! Think of a blizzard from Dairy Queen with the extra creaminess of a milkshake and you might have an idea of the taste EXPLOSION that is to come.

reeses peanut butter cup frappe recipe

All the ingredients you need!

The ingredients necessary to make this tasty treat are as follows:

  • Big Train’s Vanilla Bean Blended Creme
  • 5 fl oz of water, milk or chilled coffee
  • 12 oz of ice
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (We used 3 packages, 6 peanut butter cups, but it depends on your preference)
  • Optional toppings: Whipped Cream & Reese’s Pieces
  • A blender to mix it all together!
reeses peanut butter cup frappe recipe

Big Train employee, Leah, enjoys the delicious outcome!

For the best results, first fill up the blender with ice. Next the liquid will be added: chilled coffee for an extra caffeinated kick, milk for an even creamier taste, or water (that’s what we used!). Then, add Big Train’s powdered mix and the Reese’s peanut butter cups. Once these items are all in, blend until smooth. Pour into your favorite cup, top with excessive amounts of whipped cream and Reese’s Pieces and you’re done! You’ve created the ideal sinful snack for summer!

What candy bar would you like to see us use next??

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